On Wednesday August 9, 2017, employees at Premiere Raspberries, LLC (“Premiere Raspberries”) in Watsonville, California voted in favor of the United Farm Workers during a union representation election. The margin of victory for the UFW was 269 to 236. Assuming the election is certified by the Agricultural Labor Relations Board, the UFW will look to begin negotiations on a collective bargaining agreement for the approximately 500 employees at Premiere Raspberries.


It is possible that your Company will receive a Notice to Take Access from a union or the ALRB soon. You can find The Saqui Law Group’s Cheat Sheet on Access in English HERE and in Spanish HERE. If a union or ALRB attempts to take access of your company, contact The Saqui Law Group immediately.

Union elections and certifications can have long lasting (i.e. monetary) impacts on your company. Employers must get out in front of unions well in advance of an election and work together with its employees to convince them that unionization is against their best interest. Communication is key!!! If your company is facing an election or union organizing, turn to the experts at The Saqui Law Group.

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