High Heat and Wildfire Advisories from Cal/OSHA

On Thursday, California’s Department of Industrial Relations published two safety-related advisory news releases titled “Cal/OSHA High Heat Advisory for Employers with Outdoor Workers in Central and Southern California” and “Cal/OSHA Issues Advisory for Worker Safety in Wildfire Regions.” Both of these advisories are directed at employers to ensure that proper precautions are being taken during the heat of the summer.

Pertaining to high heat in Central and Southern California, Cal/OSHA prompts all employers with outdoor workers to review their heat illness prevention plans, as there is a forecast for record heat from San Luis Obispo through Los Angeles on Friday and Saturday, and the temperature in the Central Valley is expected to go into triple digits. In addition to complying with California’s four-step heat illness prevention regulation – Plan, Training, Water, Shade – Cal/OSHA urges workers experiencing possible overheating to take a preventative cool-down rest in the shade until symptoms are gone. The advisory continues to direct employers to further resources to assist in planning for high heat. To view the full news release, please click here.

With regards to worker safety in wildfire regions, Cal/OSHA advises employers to take special precautions to protect workers from hazards from wildfire smoke, as it contains chemicals, gases, and fine particles which can reduce lung function, worsen asthma and other heart and lung conditions, and cause coughing, wheezing, and difficulty breathing. This advisory also directs employers to other resources for guidance for employers and workers on working safely in conditions with heavy smoke caused by wildfires, and the full news release can be found here.


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