As a follow up to our E-blast about the Farm Workforce Modernization Act, available here, on December 11, 2019, the House passed the Bill with support from both Republicans and Democrats. Advocates for the Bill anticipate changes and possibly a conflicting bill to come from the Senate that may require special committee to finalize Bill language. Advocates for the Bill are optimistic that strong support for industry in the Senate will help push this Bill to a vote.

Western Growers, who has supported the Bill on behalf of the industry provided a statement immediately upon passage applauding the House of Representatives, and noting that “Our farmers are depending on the present actions of Congress and the Administration to make possible the future viability of the agriculture industry… the need to secure an adequate, reliable and skilled workforce for U.S. agriculture cannot be overstated. The farm labor crisis is real and crippling, and the demand to provide a workable legislative solution is immediate and critical, which is why we urge the Senate and President Trump to engage in the legislative process to improve the Farm Workforce Modernization Act, adding those amendments that are necessary to secure the mutual support of Congress and the Administration.” You can read Western Growers full statement here. If you have questions about how this Bill may affect your Company, contact the experts at the Saqui Law Group, a division of Dowling Aaron Incorporated.”

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