The Cal/OSHA 2019 Annual Summary of work-related injuries and illnesses (Form 300A) should now be posted “in a visible and easily accessible area at each worksite” by employers in California. The form must be posted annually from February 1st through April 30th.

Instructions and templates are available here at Cal/OSHA’s website.

Additionally, employers with 250 or more employees (unless specifically exempted), and employers listed on Appendix H of the Cal/OSHA regulations with 20 to 249 employees must electronically submit the 2019 Form 300A by March 2, 2020. Agriculture is an industry listed in Appendix H—meaning that Agricultural employers with 20 or more employees should electronically submit the Form. You can read more about the requirement and specific exemptions and industry applications here.

Instructions on electronic submission are available here.

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