Yesterday, the Napa County Farm Bureau sent out an email alerting members that it had been informed that Immigration and Customs Enforcement (“ICE”) inspections were happening in the area, according to an article this morning in the Napa Valley Register.  Though no specific reports have been made, employers should be on alert and prepared should ICE agents come knocking.

As we’ve noted before, in California, employer interactions with ICE are complicated by AB 450, which prohibits employers from voluntarily consenting to ICE audits. Employers should not consent to any requests from ICE to look around and should ask for a warrant if ICE agents say they are entitled to enter the premises.

You can find a few of our previous articles on AB 450 and ICE’s presence in California over the past few months here, here, and here. We also released a podcast in February titled “I-9 Audits – What to Do When ICE Shows Up,” which can be found here. Additionally, feel free to contact our office if you would like a digital or hard copy version of our “What to Do When ICE Shows Up” cheat sheet.

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