Following storm delays and other stalls, ICE has started to deliver on President Trump’s directive to ramp up immigration enforcement. Beginning the weekend of July 12, ICE conducted visible street raids and invisible- or “silent”- raids in the workplace. In the streets, ICE conducted a week-long surge throughout San Diego County. ICE apprehended more than a dozen “targeted” individuals with prior immigration and criminal violations as well as “collateral” individuals, people who happen to be present with targets.  In the workplace, ICE has issued over 3,000 Notices of Inspection (NOI) initiating Form I-9 audits for companies. This is the most recent surge of “silent” raids over the past two years with an increase of 4,600 audits from FY17 to FY18. Both Acting Director Matthew Albence and local Immigration Enforcement have reiterated focus on employers rather than employees for immigration violations in the workplace.

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