Trump Signs Executive Orders for Border Security and Immigration Enforcement Improvements

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Trump Signs Executive Orders for Border Security and Immigration Enforcement Improvements

By Gregory Blueford

Today, President Donald Trump signed two executive orders on immigration: the first directs federal agencies to begin construction of a wall along the Mexican border, and the second deals with measures regarding immigration enforcement. President Trump, who consistently stated Mexico will pay for the wall, now claims Mexico will reimburse the federal government for the wall’s construction without specifying how such reimbursements will occur. Under this order, the head of each executive department and agency has 30 days to identify and quantify all sources of direct AND indirect federal money sent to the Mexican government over the past five years, which includes money sent for development, humanitarian, and military aid. This provision hints at how the President intends for Mexico to “pay” for the wall.

With regard to immigration enforcement, the order ends the former “catch and release” policy. This “catch and release” policy allowed for the quick return of people who illegally crossed the border instead of arresting and processing such people for deportation. Instead, the order seeks to withhold visas from countries to ensure those countries take back their citizens who are found to break U.S. laws. In addition, the immigration enforcement order strips federal grants from “sanctuary” states and cities, which are considered  “sanctuaries” because they decline to enforce federal immigration laws.

You can read more in detail about the executive orders here:


Per the National Council of Agricultural Employers (“NCAE”), the actions by the new President point to the return of ICE auditing and potential social security “no-match” letters. In addition, NCAE believes that, after cutting grants to sanctuary cities, the next logical step could be to cut grants to other programs found to not be in compliance with federal immigration laws (i.e., agricultural program grants).

In the meantime, your company may face issues, from questions by your employees to full-out protests, as a result of this or other forthcoming policy or enforcement changes. Should this happen, contact The Saqui Law Group for a script of a “company line” to address concerned employees and/or assistance with handling a protest.


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