Union Activity

The UFW have recently filed the following Notices of Intent to Take Access (“NA”):

Date              ALRB Filing and Case #

6/26/15    Corralitos Farms LLC 2015-NA-005-SAL
6/26/15    Garroutte Farms Inc. 2015-NA-004-SAL
6/26/15    Ortega Berry Farms, LLC 2015-NA-003-SAL
6/25/15    Rocha Farms 2015-NA-002-SAL
6/25/15    Larse Farms Inc. 2015-NA-001-SAL
6/24/15    Rogina, Inc. 2015-NA-001-VIS
6/24/15    Live Oak Farms 2015-NA-002-VIS

As you may be aware, this is only the beginning of what is sure to be a very busy season!

Employers need to be aware that in order for a Notice of Intent to Take Access to be valid, it must include a valid case number and signature along with a stamp in the upper right hand corner. Employers need to know the following:

 A Few Points of Clarity

1) Notices of Intent to Take Access are not valid unless they are properly filed with the ALRB, contain a valid case number, signature, and a stamp in the upper right hand corner.

2) In the past, the ALRB has called employers to inform them that a Notice of Intent to Take Access has been filed on the company. A call from the ALRB does not constitute service.

3) The ALRB has also called employers to schedule visits by the UFW. The ALRB cannot make an appointment for the UFW to come and take access to your property.

4) Employers should limit the number of people taking access to their property to the minimum required by the law. The Saqui Law Group has provided a Cheat Sheet to assist employers in navigating access by unions on your property.

More filings are expected and we will continue to send updates.

You can find the Saqui Law Group’s Cheat Sheet on Access in English HERE and in Spanish HERE.

Counsel to Management:
Employers must be ready to counter the UFW’s organizing attempts. Have a contingency plan in place prior to the UFW filing access against you. Contact the Saqui Law Group if you need assistance to implement a contingency plan to counter the UFW’s organizing efforts.

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