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!!ALERT!!  UFW Taking Access To Fish For OSHA Violations!

The UFW’s annual “shotgun approach” to gaining ALRB-provided “Access” is well underway throughout the State. The Saqui Law Group is keeping you abreast as best we can, and we are offering training next Thursday (7-9-15) at the Grower-Shipper Association in Salinas. Stay tuned for time, and for Statewide training programs in your area!!!

Our consultant team, as always, has its feelers out, and has picked up more activity in the Central Valley which shouldn’t surprise anyone. This year, the UFW is actively conducting a campaign to take access on Grower worksites to talk to workers about heat illness prevention and distribute related "educational" literature that contains the insignia of the UFW and a symbol of the heat illness prevention campaign of Cal/OSHA. They did this in 2013 with immigration, so these tactics are no surprise.

Copies of the UFW’s flyer and questionnaire can be found here, here, and here.


Notably, a settlement agreement was in fact struck between the UFW and Cal/OSHA, which outlines a role for the union for reporting allegations of heat illness prevention standard violations,HOWEVER THAT AGREEMENT DOES NOT PROVIDE IN ANY WAY FOR ACCESS ONTO PRIVATE PROPERTY TO EDUCATE WORKERS.  

Counsel to Management:
Information gathering is key!

If you have information that such access is being taken under the auspices of heat training please notify The Saqui Law Group immediately so we may provide you with the guidance to deal with such abuse of the access regulation.

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