The Wage and Hour Division of the Department of Labor has updated the following forms WH-530, WH-514, and WH-514a.
When filling out form WH-530 Application for FLC, applicants seeking transportation authorization under Part II, Section 10 must now specify how they will meet the vehicle insurance or liability bond requirement. Additionally, applicants who plan to use workers’ compensation instead of vehicle insurance must specify when and why they will transport workers.
Other minor changes to form WH-530 include:
Part I, Item 2 now reads “Name of applicant or applicant representative.”

If applicant is a business, they enter the representative’s information. 
Part II, Item 7 has two fields that have been changed.

If applicant is a business, it must enter its legal name.
Applicants must also list their business address if it is different from their personal residences. 
WHD has also made minor changes to forms WH-514 MSPA and WH-514a Vehicle Inspection Report. On each of these forms, applicants must now list vehicle seating capacity rather than just the number of seats in their vehicles.


The updated WHD forms are available through the DOL website. Forms should be updated in your internal systems and templates, with communication to your key staff immediately. Abrupt changes from federal agencies can often become a landmine for California employers. If you have concerns or questions about compliance with WHD regulations, contact Saqui Law Group, a division of Dowling Aaron Incorporated. 

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