Our Business Litigation Practice Group is the leading provider of litigation services to the local business community, with experience in virtually every area of practice and Business and Tort Litigation.

Construction Litigation

The Construction Litigation Practice Group is recognized for its expertise in professional liability defense. Many of its attorneys include dually-licensed professionals and authors of professional liability publications.

Trust and Estate Litigation

Litigation over trusts and estates is often stressful and traumatic to everyone involved and affects clients in ways not often seen in other disputes.

Health Care Licensing Defense

As the practice of health care continuously evolves with new laws, regulations, technologies, practices and breakthroughs, health care law continues to shift.

Intellectual Property Litigation

At Dowling Aaron Incorporated, we understand intellectual property is an important asset that needs to be diligently protected from unauthorized use.

Internet/E-Commerce Litigation

Dowling Aaron Incorporated’s Internet & E-Commerce Practice Group regularly works with clients doing business online.

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