Employment Litigation


There has been a proliferation of claims seeking economic, punitive and emotional distress damages. For even just a single plaintiff, such cases can result in multi-million dollar verdicts. Even a company insured with Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI) will face liability for punitive damages (insurance cannot be written for punitive damages) and for damages in excess of the EPLI policy limit. Many employers are ill-equipped to deal with the financial aftermath of such litigation, whether they win the case or not.

There’s also been a sharp uptick in cases dealing with the murky interaction between physical (or emotional) disability and state and federal medical leave acts. Another growing trend is “whistleblowers” claiming retaliation, frequently subjecting employers to liability even when the employee has made only an internal complaint, rather than reporting to an outside agency.

Given plaintiffs’ increasingly inventive claims, employers are in need of the innovative defense skills of The Saqui Law Group. We provide highly effective legal representation to employers facing claims filed in state and federal courts, government agencies and binding arbitration.

In employment litigation, businesses are frequently overwhelmed by the time required of business owners, key managers and support staff in providing interviews, information and documents. The Saqui Law Group’s case management skills are critical in managing resources and avoiding landmines throughout the process. Through all phases, our defense team performs thorough:

  • Factual investigation
  • Legal analysis
  • Strategy decisions
  • Discovery planning
  • Successful implementation

We are armed to aggressively, ethically, efficiently and successfully defend against employment litigation claims in any arena, whether it is through successful motions for summary judgment, mediation through a third party neutral or trial.

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