Labor Relations


Saqui Law Group’s Labor Relations Practice began by representing California's growers, packers, and shippers and with their labor issues, and has grown into a firm operating nationally. This practice is continuing to broaden its reach, partnering with HR and labor relations consultants of the highest caliber and aggressively representing employers ranging from large multinational corporations to small family run businesses exclusively in the areas of labor-management relations and workforce strategic planning. Saqui Law Group’s reach has broadened from a once Agriculture-only firm to one representing employers nationally in Agriculture, Food Processing, Manufacturing, Construction, Trucking, Trash Hauling, Car Dealerships, and Hospitality. This challenging business climate demands a different type of legal representation with aggressive approaches to pro-active planning.

The firm’s labor team has successful experience in all aspects of employer-employee relations, including union organizing campaigns, union elections, boycotts, supply-chain interruptions, corporate campaigns, defending unfair labor practice charges, collective bargaining, grievance arbitrations, strike defense, and contingency planning.

With over 20 years of experience, this team, led by Mr. Saqui, has fought and prevailed against many of the biggest and most well-financed labor organizations in the U.S. It has successfully handled and tried literally hundreds of grievances and arbitrations involving just cause discipline, seniority, subcontracting, technological advances impacting bargaining units, and other contract interpretation issues. This team has also formulated and implemented preventive labor relations programs, trainings, procedures, and union avoidance protocols for employers of all sizes and from virtually all industries, as well as successfully counselled on and managed numerous decertification efforts. 

When it comes to Union Organizing, this team is unmatched in Legal Defense and Strategy.  In fact, we are the only firm we know of that has the ability to handle all facets of a Counter Organizing effort and Worker Center attacks through our networks.  We can literally cover:

  • Labor-Management Consulting
  • Security and IT
  • Supply Chain Protections; and
  • Public Relations

Through its exclusive network of high caliber team members all dedicated to employer counter-organizational efforts. The Saqui Law Group labor relations team has successfully managed over 100 union avoidance campaigns in dozens of states, resulting in maintenance of union-free status.

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