The Saqui Law Group and Michael Saqui in particular have a highly successful track record spanning almost three decades, which makes for a powerful partner to the clients in all aspects of employer-employee management and labor relations.

Michael is one of the most sought after employer management trainers and public speakers in California on labor and employment matters, and does in-house training, to counsel employers in developing proactive approaches to address employment and labor relations matters. He has also written numerous trend reports and management guides that help clients understand the legal climate and build strategies to undo vulnerabilities, enhance labor relations and manage or minimize crises.

The Saqui Law Group offers interactive supervisory and management classroom training provided through a platform of your choice developed with client input. The Saqui Law Group utilizes cutting edge audio video and computer technology in conjunction with interactive classroom e-learning training tools to develop your management’s leadership skills to help your team to gain the skills necessary to achieve the goals desired.

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